About the Lindsey Family

Luke & Hannah Lindsey

Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory. – Psalm 115:1

In January 2017 the Lindsey family surrendered to the call of evangelism.  During that time, the Lord met their every need and used them to work in countless hearts across the country.

In August of 2022, Luke took the pastorate at First Baptist Church of Arcola in Roseland, LA.  They stand amazed that the Lord would use such unworthy vessels and count it the highest honor to preach the gospel and sing for His glory.

Lauren Powell

Lauren Powell is the oldest of 6 children and was born October 13th 2001 to Mike and Teleah Powell. Lauren and Hannah share a special relationship as they have been best friends since her birth. They are first cousins, not mother and daughter as most would assume. She loves to sing, cook, and play volleyball.

Lauren also sings with her family. Learn more about them at www.thepowellsmusic.com.